Lutheran Hospital Chaplaincy is offered on a regular basis to Lutheran patients:

  • The District Pastor for Service and Witness together with an assistant hospital chaplain provide pastoral care to patients in the inner city hospitals of Melbourne
  • Chaplaincy is offered to Lutheran patients, many coming to Melbourne for critical care, some a short term stay, others for a slow and complex return to health, where their lives are forever changed
  • Chaplaincy is provided to Lutheran patients from across Victoria and the nearby states, sometimes active in the Lutheran Church, but all appreciating Lutheran pastoral care during their stay in hospital
  • With the patient’s permission, you may contact the Pastor for Service and Witness, Pastor Gordon Wegener, on 0412 200 946 for hospital chaplaincy to be provided, Pastor Sam Davis via or new Assistant Hospital Chaplain Ms Serena Williams
  • Melbourne hospitals regularly covered are: Alfred, Austin/Repat, Cabrini, Caritas Christi, Epworth, Freemasons, Melbourne Private, Mercy Heidelberg, Mercy Private, Peter MacCallum, Royal Children’s, Royal Melbourne, Royal Women’s, St Vincent’s, St Vincent’s Private
  • For pastoral care to patients in hospitals other than those listed above, please contact Pastor Gordon, Pastor Sam, or District Office who can direct you to the local pastor in the area.