Part of the gospel message is that God has promised to always provide the needed gifts for the ministry and mission that he is actually calling his church to do. This thought, and the theology behind it (see Romans 8:32), form the basis of my workshops and presentations to congregations.

It has been a joy in recent times to visit with congregations who are interested in reflecting on their National Church Life Survey results. What are the hidden gifts that we’ve not considered using?

When the challenges are overwhelming at the congregational or parish level, then sometimes the ‘gift’ of asking for help needs to be utilized. That’s when the gifts that God provides in and through the people of the wider district, as it walks together in synod, can be generously shared.

There are a number of tools I can help congregations with as you consider the mission and ministry opportunities that God is inviting you into. Pictured left are members of the  Wodonga Parish who took part in Belbin team training with me recently.

Please call myself or Erin Grainger (03 9236 1241 Tuesdays to Fridays) at the District Office if you would like us to visit and conduct a workshop.

NEWS. Applications for the Mission Stimulus Grant are now open. For more information read the Mission Stimulus Grant Brochure then complete the Application form