African and Migrant Mission and Ministry is a strong focus for the Victorian District of the Lutheran Church of Australia. We are blessed with the opportunity to share and support various African communities and the Lutheran congregations that they are a part of. The richness of the experiences of our African brothers and sisters in Christ is a tremendous blessing. This ministry is first and foremost relational and mutual. We learn from, and are enriched by each other.

District African specific ministry involves:

  • Providing a point of contact and referral for advice, assistance and support
  • being a support for congregations with African¬†mission and ministry
  • building the capacity of the African Lutheran community through training and education programs
  • providing leadership and guidance
  • developing mentors
  • supporting African Family Support volunteers
  • developing outreach partnerships
  • identifying resources and funding opportunities
  • being a recipient and distributor of donations

For more information contact the Congregation and Migrant Ministry Support Facilitator on 03 9236 124 or via email Erin is available Tuesday to Friday