The District supports the mission and ministry of its congregations in a number of ways, and provides services directly where these are beyond the ability of single congregations.

Pastor Brett Kennett, District Pastor for Congregational Support, acts as a consultant to congregations, encourages and challenges them in their mission and ministry, and assists the District Bishop in his oversight of congregations. Management of these and other services is given to the Council for Ministry Support and its committees.

Pastor Brett also assists congregations in clarifying their mission and in remaining healthy and hospitable. Three key questions for congregations in clarifying their mission are:

  • Who are we? (Identity)
  • What are we here for? (Purpose)
  • Who is our neighbour? (Context)

Pastor Brett is available to meet with pastors and congregations to reflect on their mission and ministry, and to clarify ways to implement their mission in their context into the future.

NEWS: Applications for the Mission Stimulus Grant are now open. Imagine what your congregation could achieve with $25,000. Read more at the Mission Stimulus Grant brochure and apply through the MSG Application form

Please contact Pastor Brett (03) 9236 1230