Lutheran Camps for Youth & Young Adults

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Here you’ll find all the info you need for Lutheran Youth of Victoria camps for young people & young adults (for those in high school, up to 30+ years of age)!

LYV’s Christian Life Week (CLW)
For youth currently in high school.

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If you would like to be a LEADER on CLW, please email for more info.

A camp for kids in high school, during the Winter and Spring school holidays at Tandara Lutheran Campsite in Halls Gap. These vibrant and Christ-filled events bring together teenagers from across the states, mixing both country & city, and are led by groups of committed, enthusiastic volunteers, including Camp Parents and a Camp Pastor.

The purpose of CLW is to provide an experience of Christian community within a safe environment in which young people can:

– be themselves
– explore faith and life issues
– discover what living a Christian life really means.

To find out more information about attending a Christian Life Week, either as a camper, leader, camp parent, or pastor, then please contact our Youth & Young Adult Ministry Facilitator (Maya) at District Office on (03) 9236 1200 or email



LYV’s Easter Camp


Ages 16-30s.
Camp is always held over the Easter long weekend:
Maundy Thursday – Monday

LYV’s Easter Camp provides an opportunity for young people to go deeper with their faith and explore Christ’s sacrifice on the cross in small groups and whole camp worship.

We build Easter Camp built around the fellowship of the cross. It celebrates individual components of the greater church body gathering together to profess their faith in the events of Easter; that Jesus Christ, the one true son of God, was crucified for the sake and sins of the world, and three days later rose again triumphant over death.

LYV’s Easter Camp in 2020 will be an online event. To find out more, please follow LYV’s Easter Camp on Facebook.

Easter Camp 2016 2



Resources (Previous Studies)

Our camp studies are available for personal use and reflection.

“Encountering the Holy” (Easter Camp 2011)

“White Noise” (CLW 2012)

“Cross Culture” (Easter Camp 2015)


Lutheran Youth of Victoria values safe and fun events and activities.  To read the Behavioural Expectations PDF CLICK HERE

Want to help?


Camps always need your support, and you can offer this in many ways! Contact Maya in the office you’d like to find out more about partnering with us – such as:
– Praying for us
– Coming to camp!
– Financial sponsorship of campers or resources
– Providing resources like stationery, magazines and music equipment
– Providing transportation
– Supporting and encouraging your home congregation to participate

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