Lutheran Church of Australia – Victoria | Tasmania District

District Bishop and Staff
The District Staff team are employed to support the District in a variety of areas from leadership, congregational development, and  care of pastors, through to matters of administration, finance and compliance. Please call 03 9236 1200 to reach District Office.

Victorian District Staff Team

– District Bishop, Pr Lester Priebbenow 03 9236 1201 Tuesday to Friday

– Pastor for Congregational Support, Pr Brett Kennett 03 9236 1230 Tuesday to Friday

– Pastor for Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Pr Matthew Thomas 03 9236 1231 Tuesday to Friday, Sunday (SNAS Sunday Night at St Johns)

– Pastor for Service & Witness, and Hospital Chaplain, Pr Gordon Wegener 0412 200 946 Monday to Friday not located in District Office

– District Administrator, Mr Stephen Mildred 03 9236 1240 Monday to Friday

– Executive Assistant, Mrs Kate Burke 03 9236 1201 Monday to Friday

– Finance Officer Wai Yee Li 03 9236 1221 Tuesday to Friday

– Congregational and Migrant Ministry Support Officer, Ms Erin Grainger 03 9236 1241 Tuesday to Friday

– Youth and Young Adult Ministry Facilitator, Ms Maya Kraj-Krajewski 03 9236 1220 Wednesday to Friday

The Professional Standards Officer for the Victorian District including Tasmania position is currently vacant.
Please contact the National LCA office for Professional Standards enquiries 08 8267 7300.
Click the link below
for more information regarding the Professional Standards Department.