The District Church Council (DCC) acts as the Synod between conventions. The District’s Ministry is conducted through two coordinating councils, the Council for Ministry Support – CMS, and the Council for Lutheran Education, Vic, NSW and Tas – CLEVNT.

District Church Council (DCC)

In 2019 the DCC meeting schedule is; 01 February, 04 April, 01 & 02 June (regional visit), 12 July, 24 August (metro visit), 12 September, 25 October, 29 November
For more on DCC click the link  District Church Council
Meeting date are subject to change

Council for Ministry Support (CMS)
In 2019 the CMS meeting schedule is;  26 February, 30 April, 19 June, 17 July, 14 August, 10 September, 16 October, 20 November
For more on CMS click the link Council for Ministry Support
Meeting date are subject to change

Council for Lutheran Education, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania (CLEVNT)
Click HERE for the link to Lutheran Education Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania (LEVNT) website

The District’s administration and education is supported by the following councils and committees:

  • DCC Constitutions Sub Committee
  • DCC Risk and Compliance Sub Committee
  • DCC People and Strategy  Sub Committee
  • District Call Committee
  • Ecumenical Advisory Committee

 For information regarding membership of these councils and committees, please contact us at District Office or if you have a LAMP login, visit to view membership and contact details for district council and committee members. Please note LAMP will be superseded by LAMP 2 in the near future.

Click the link below to view the District Councils and Committees Organisational Chart

2018 LCAVD Committees Organisation Chart