Empower training day 2015

Empower training day 2015

God calls many of us to serve and lead in ministry, and in many different ways!  Jesus was the ultimate servant leader, and we as Christians strive to follow his example.  Whether you like being up the front or not, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, we always need people to step up to God’s call to lead by example in many ministry contexts.

There are many opportunities to serve and lead, depending on your passions and skills!  Can you answer YES to some of these questions?

CLW Yellow 2015 leaders– Are you passionate about people developing a RELATIONSHIP with GOD?
– Do you like meeting NEW people?
– Are you AVAILABLE for 5 days straight? *
– Do you enjoy engaging in discussion on FAITH and LIFE ISSUES?
– Are you striving to FOLLOW CHRIST’S EXAMPLE and lead others towards Him?
– Can you work well in a TEAM?
– Are you willing to SERVE OTHERS, putting them before yourself?

"Camp Parents" at Easter Camp 2016 on dress up night

“Camp Parents” at Easter Camp 2016 on dress up night

– Would you like to experience CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY for 5 days?
– Do you have a heart for YOUNG PEOPLE and drawing them CLOSER TO CHRIST?
– Can you handle less than 8 hours sleep each night?**

*(for CLW either during June or September school holidays, or during the Easter break for Easter Camp)?

**CLW only

For more information including TRAINING and REQUIREMENTS please visit the LYV LEADERSHIP website.


Leadership isn’t just for young adults.  Research has shown that youth need significant adults in their lives apart from direct family, and serving in a leadership role can be a vital connection to a young person today!  One way you can do this is come along to an LYV camp as a ‘camp parent.’


Here is one testimony:

“If you would like to spend a FREE week in the Grampians with your family (or it can be a husband and wife) please contact the LYV asap. It’s not a difficult thing to do it’s how Darren and I got into the camping thing. You can either sit in on the studies which are great and you do get a cheats version of the study booklet giving you some talking points. Or you can just sit by the fire, play table tennis, pool, enjoy the sunshine in the beautiful surrounds of Tandara. You are just there as camp parents for the kids and the LYV. Some of the kids might ask you about your life and how God has been an impact on it or they may just want you to pray for them.

P1070411It is a truly amazing week for you and your family at times it can be mentally and physically challenging but you are not alone as everyone is feeling the same way. It’s so inspiring to see so many youth together for the week and you will be glad you did it!”