Lutheran Church of Australia – Victoria | Tasmania District

Youth and young adult ministry in Victoria and Tasmania is working towards young people becoming ‘mature, attaining to the whole measure
of the fullness of Christ'(Ephesians 4:13), especially in the context of an antagonistic culture
There are a number of ways we work towards this goal.

Each year a number of camps and events are held to help grow, support, and nurture the faith of young people throughout the Victorian and Tasmania District.

One of our LYV Netball teams that entered at State Youth Games 2016

These ministries are run primarily by volunteers who are passionate and committed to youth and young adult faith formation.

Lutheran Youth of Victoria and Tasmania also partners with Grow Ministries to provide leadership training opportunities for those involved in
youth ministry at our annual Empower Leadership training day.

To view the PDF brochure Youth and Young Adult Ministry in Victoria and Tasmania you can distribute click here LYV brochure.


Staff employed in the area of Youth and Young Adult Ministry (see below) work to bring these activities into fruition,
as well as support local congregations in delivering effective ministry to young people

Staff employed in this area are:

Pastor Matthew Thomas (Pastor For Youth and Young Adult Ministry) and  Maya Kraj-Krajewski, (Youth and Young Adult Ministry Facilitator) .

You can contact them at,au or


Please visit the LYV Leadership website for information on Leadership opportunities and training.

Click HERE  for information on  support for and from LYV.

Lutheran Youth of Victoria values safe and fun events and activities.  To read the Behavioural Expectations PDF click here Behaviours Brochure.